Retinoblastoma Patient’s Meet and Greet Program at H V Desai Eye Hospital

November 25, 2019

World Retinoblastoma Awareness Week was observed between 13th to 19th May to raise awareness regarding this common and curable eye cancer occurring in paediatric age group. As the awareness activities concluded, a small meet and greet event was organised by H. V. Desai Eye Hospital on Monday, May 21st 2019 for few patients treated for retinoblastoma and their parents. This event was graced by Dr. Col. (Retd.) Madan Deshpande (Chief Medical Director), Mr. Parvez Bilimoria (Executive Director), Dr. Rahul Deshpande (Medical Director and Head of Dept, Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery and Ocular Oncology), Dr. Sucheta Kulkarni (Medical Director), Dr. Tushar Patil (Medical Oncologist, Sahyadri Hospital), Col Dr Velankar (Head of Dept of Anaesthesia), Dr. Kulkarni (Pediatrician) and respected consultant faculty of H. V. Desai Eye Hospital. Dr. Sonal Chaugule, Consultant Ophthalmic plastic surgery and ocular oncology, spoke about the need for awareness regarding the eye cancer, retinoblastoma with emphasis on early detection and protocol-based management. She encouraged the parents to talk about their journey from the diagnosis of the child to end of treatment and how content they are now knowing that their child is tumor-free. Their experience is certainly valuable for parents and children currently going through the active treatment. Dr. Col Madan Deshpande spoke about advantages of vigilance by the parents and encouraged their decision to seek early medical attention. Dr. Tushar Patil elaborated on role of systemic chemotherapy and importance of multidisciplinary approach to the management of child diagnosed with retinoblastoma. Dr. Rahul Deshpande in his concluding remarks, provided emphasis on genetic counselling for families of children affected with retinoblastoma. The program ended on a sweet note of a poem sung by Sairaj (6 years old boy who had both of his eyes surgically removed due to retinoblastoma and is now free of disease). Sairaj is a happy child who attends blind school and leads a good life.