Laboratory Services

The laboratory of H. V. Desai Eye Hospital, is focused on investigations, related to various ophthalmic conditions.

It has two components:

Clinical Laboratory:
Tests done include basic haematology and biochemistry tests. The laboratory is well equipped and automated. It has the following analysers and automation equipment.
  • Selectra Pro-Clinical system
  • Beckman Coulter Ac, Tdiff2
Haematology Biochemistry
ESR Blood Glucose
Haemoglobin Blood Urea
TLC Serum Creatinine
DLC Serum Cholesterol
Platelet Count Serum Triglycerides
BT, CT Serum HDL

Microbiology Laboratory:
Tests done include serology and cultures. The laboratory has following instruments:

  • Autoclave
  • Laminar airflow
  • Hot air oven
  • Colony counter
  • Binocular Microscope
  • Incubator
  • Digital monopan weighing machine
Serology Cultures  
VDRL Bacterial Fungal
HBsAg Gram stain KOH Mount
HCV Giemsa stain Lactophenol Cotton Blue stain mount
HIV Leishman’s stain AC Tap
  AC Tap Vitreous Tap
  Vitreous Tap Corneal button
  Corneal button Corneal Scraping
  Corneal Scraping Other fluids
  Other fluids  
  Contact lens  
  Bandage Contact Lens (BCL)  
  Antibiotic Sensitivity Test  
  OT Microbiological surveillance