Contact Lens

Specialists in contact lens at H. V. Desai Eye Hospital, evaluate and fit contact lenses that correct near-sightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism.
Our optometrists are also able to recommend new options in soft and rigid lenses for presbyopia. In addition, contact lenses, also have therapeutic use, due to which they are prescribed for medical diagnosis. For examples, prescription of contact lenses are done, following injuries or corneal transplantation.
Contact lenses with artificial iris and contact lenses for eye conditions, such as keratoconus and aphakia.

Contact Lens Service+

The Contact Lens service provided at the hospital, first and foremost, evaluates the condition of the eye, suitable for fitting contact lens.
This is followed by proper fitting of contact lens to the patients, of different age groups, with the help of the latest contact lens technology.
This is often done before it is formally introduced to the offices of general eye practitioners. The Directors of the service are national leaders, in the contact lens field and participate in major national studies on advancements in contact lenses.
Contact lenses, enable people suffering from a wide range of medical conditions to enjoy normal vision. These conditions include:

  • Keratoconus
  • Corneal transplantations
  • Irregular or scarred corneas

Infants and young children often suffer from various visual conditions, and contact lenses can help ensure that their vision system develops normally. At H. V. Desai Eye Hospital, we offer various types of contact lens, which include:

  • Hard
  • Gas-permeable
  • Daily-wear soft
  • Extended-wear contact lenses
  • Coloured lenses
  • Disposable lenses
  • Cosmetic lenses (to change eye colour)
  • Prosthetic lenses (to hide the ocular surface disorders)
  • Specialised Keratoconus lenses

As a major eye hospital, the contact lens services at H. V. Desai Eye Hospital, meets its goal to educate eye practitioners by sponsoring educational meetings that attract participants nationwide.

Contact Lenses for Children+

Contact lenses for infants or children are very useful when eyeglasses are inconvenient or do not provide the best results. In addition, contact lenses provide an optical correction that is in closer proximity to the normal eye. This is important as it provides the child with the best opportunity, to develop good vision.

Several parents are apprehensive about contact lenses for their children. Yet, with proper care and attention, the risk of complications, is low and the potential benefit is high. In addition, we educate parents about taking appropriate care of their child’s contact lenses to avoid potential problems.

Contact Lens Dispensing Visit (for Children)

When the contact lenses are dispensed, the parent is taught how to insert and remove them, as well as how to care for the lens when it is not in the child’s eye. Patients wearing extended-wear lenses must return in 24 to 48 hours. Patients wearing daily wear lenses should return within one to two weeks.

Contact Lens Follow-up Visits (for Children)

Follow-up visits are essential to ensure that the lenses are fitted properly. Vision is appropriate, and that there are no adverse reactions, which may have occurred, due to the contact lens.
In complex cases,frequent visits for follow up would be necessitated.